ECO-TRUCK n.o. is a joint service research and development centre. Since 2008 we are working on advancing the renewable energy barrier to make it more accessible and more cost effective as ever. We change word perception of reality and create innovative solutions to the challenges we face in enabling renewable sources to take main stage.


We are interested in harvesting hydro energy which were not previously accessible due to technology or economic reasons. In cooperation with our partners and you we can utilize the unused potential of small hydro sites and create world new battery tripling current world energy storage capacity.


ECO-TRUCK n.o. connects and drive the progress. Our mission is to catalyst the self-sustainable hydro-power development. We create bridges between the local communities and engaged professionals to bring education, eco-businesses and needs of the surrounding natural environment into context.



We are non-profit international coordinating and promoting organization for the development of hydropower. Our hydropower program is to conduct research and development (R&D) that will improve the technical, societal, and environmental benefits of hydropower and provide cost-competitive technologies that enable the development of new and incremental hydropower capacity, adding diversity to the energy supply.


Project oriented

ECOTRUCK center functionality, answers and practical solutions to provide the energy industry’s calls for action and results. Among ECO – TRUCK n.o. long term project tasks are monitoring and evaluation of latest development and knowledge about renewable energy. Eco-truck is leading partner in multinational project of cross-country cooperation. Eco-truck runs joint research centre for research of hydro-power in Slovakia and Hungary.



The laboratory is research centre for planning and conducting R&D, model studies and related deployment to Slovak and Hungarian rivers and reservoirs. The goals are to plan and to focus on optimizing the design of hydropower structures and save cost on design and operation of river engineering projects. The center is geographically connected with its partners, will be the entire border region, and to respond to the growing needs of trends in international cooperation in the European region. Research center has been supported also by European Union funding under HUSK cross country cooperation.

Why to choose ECOTRUCK

ECO-TRUCK n.o. is a research provider and coordinator for hydro energy applications and environmental management impact of hydro-power constructions. For local communities, utilities and small or large commercial, industrial, government and institutional organizations.

What we do

  • We are a Competence center – evaluating hydro markets, products and production processes.
  • We work to advance sustainable hydropower. We are non-profit international coordinating and promoting organization for the development of hydropower.
  • We run and coordinate research for the hydropower sector to remove any barriers to hydropower development and an increase hydro-electricity production.
  • We talk to people, to governments, organisations, scientists and the general public to explain the benefits of hydropower and how it can work with other renewables. We also talk to the hydro-power industry, helping to make sure that hydro-power is developed and used in sustainable way.


“Modern research institutions not only makes professional outputs, it also actually works for us, bringing new ideas from lab to market. As we can manage the process together thanks to powerful and easy to use tools. That has made our business so much easier and more effective!”

prof. Ing. Michal Varchola, CSc. / Professor / STU, Bratislava.

“Never thought it could be such an easy and fast thing to set up a research plan. I am amazed how modern technologies have made our life so much simpler. I am loving them! Stop wasting your money on hiring someone else, invest in your business wisely!”

prof. Ing. Viktor Ferencey, PhD. / Professor / Institute of Automotive Mechatronics (FEEIT)

You can build cleaner and more healthier future utilizing hydro energy. Technology is further than you think.

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