Our mission is Europe cleaner & healthier.

Europe that is less dependent on oil.
In our eyes, the future is green.

Every vehicle on the road plays a role in air pollution, and every driver can help cut down emissions. Our company is part of a larger, necessary societal and governmental shift toward a less polluted planet. Cleaner, greener cities are coming, and transportation has a key role to play. 

That’s why we’re making electromobility accessible for everyone. 

We design and make all electric light commercial vehicle Nissan e-NV200 XL Voltia.

Now available through each Nissan dealership in Europe.

All electric
We use innovative custom materials and agile built prooduction processes in Slovakia, France & United Kingdom to give us the edge

Our model significantly increases the cargo carrying volume from 4.0 m3 to 8.0 m3 comparing to eNV200  to suit for bigger needs.

8m3 of cargo volume and  total cost of ownership (TCO) better then the best of diesel powered vans

Designed and developed for urban mobility it has features as rear-door walk in access, automatic single speed gearbox, durability paneling, cargo led lights, full opening doors, reverse camera…

8m3 of cargo volume together with the exceptional build quality make it ideal for urban logistics 

200 km range on single charge while loaded with 150 stops simulating actual delivery conditions

As a new model of Nissan e-NV200 XL VOLTIA now available in every Nissan dealership in Europe