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Ecotruck seeks to advance knowledge about hydro & electric technology, including efficiency improvements and environmental benefits.


We have something to be proud of!


Completed Projects

Eco-truck is leading partner in multinational projects of cross-country cooperation. Eco-truck runs joint research centre for research of hydro-power in Slovakia and Hungary.


Happy Clients

Eco-truck is mapping hydro power potential in Slovakia and Hungary and in cooperation with universities develops & recommends new progressive technologies.


Annual Confrence

We brought together project teams, researchers, representants of local hydro authorities, studens, local majors and interested public to discuss progress of new possibilities in hydropower.


Our Strength

Our strength is our innovation, our experience and our unrelenting philosophy of delivering solutions that have one goal: to provide sustainable reductions in costs and risks with compelling returns for our customers.

Our Skills

50% / Product Design

90% / Flow analysis

70% / Manufacturing plan

60% / Idea development

Our Core Values

ECOTRCUK is the foremost institute on hydro energy expertise in Slovakia and have large own global research network.

Enterprise Impact

Through a collaboration we bring ideas previously considered as not technically achievable to market.


We believe in world where renewable energy sources play dominant role. We advance the research on turbines, pumps, energy storage and smart systems to achieve that.


In last 10 years, in a blink of an eye for others we have developed solution to the renewable energy sources curtailment, world most efficient hydro based storage.

Enterprise Solutions

We at ECO – TRUCK n.o. works hard to promote benefits and use of hydropower. For stakeholders in the hydropower field we provide key information. We support promoting networking among hydro-power stakeholders and participators by creating synergies within the renewable energy and other relevant sectors.

Business & Finance

Consumer & Retail


Environmental impact

Projecting and Prototyping

Transport & Logistics

What We Do

Our actions has these main phases :

That means we talk to people, to governments, organisations, scientists and the general public to explain the benefits of hydropower and how it can work with other renewables. We also talk to the hydro-power industry, helping to make sure that hydro-power is developed and used in sustainable way.

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